"A w\Window To Paradise""Sunset on the River"  "Standing Tall"  "Fast Friday #37"  "Fast Friday #32" "Beach Clouds"  "Remember When"  SOLD"Anyone for Lunch" SOLD"Big Sky Florida XIII"  SOLD"Caribbean Cottage"  SOLD"Fast Friday #23"  SOLD"Fast Friday #24"  SOLD"Fast Friday #31"  SOLD"Fast Friday #33"  SOLD"Fast Friday #34"  SOLD"Fast Friday #36"  SOLD"Fast Friday #38"  SOLD"Fast Friday #39"  SOLD"Matlacha Mail"  SOLD"Relax and Enjoy"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida IV" SOLD"Big Sky Florida XVI" SOLD"Fast Friday #6" Oil on canvas 8" x 8" "Fast Friday #26" - SOLD"Look at Me" - SOLD"Fast Friday #30" - SOLD "The Lookout" - SOLD"Incoming Tide" - SOLD "Big Sky Florida X" - SOLD"Times passed by" - SOLD"Autumn on the Farm" - Private Collection"Corkscrew Swamp"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida XII"- SOLD"Windy Day" - Fast Friday #11 - SOLD"Barbados Beauty" - SOLD"Fast Friday #2" SOLD"Fishing Buddies" - SOLDFast Friday #15 - SOLD"Beach Breeze" Fast Friday #8 PRIVATE COLLECTIONFast Friday #17 - SOLDFast Friday #14 - SOLD"Country Living" Private CollectionFast Friday #16 - SOLD"Fast Friday #12" SOLDFast Friday #18 - SOLD"Sea Oats on the Beach" SOLD"Big Sky Florida VIII"  SOLD"Fast Friday #7 "Setting Sail"   SOLD"Fast Friday #13" SOLD"Fast Friday #4"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida IX" SOLD"Big Sky Florida V"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida V"  SOLD"Oak Leaf Hydrangea" Private Collection"Fast Friday #1"  SOLD"Caribbean Life"   SOLD"Big Sky FL VII" SOLD"Bamboo And Bird" SOLD"Cozy Cove-St. Johns"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida I"   SOLD"St. Lucia-Rain Forest"  SOLDL to R  --  "Big Sky Florida II" SOLD/ "Big Sky Florida I" SOLD/"Big Sky Florida III"  Oil 14 x 18   SOLD  "Wish You Were Here"  Private collection"Paradise"  SOLDSOLD "Friends"  "Bull"  SOLD"Megans Bay"  Private Collection"Heathers Paris I"  Private Collection"On The Beach"  SOLD "The Dock"  Private Collection"Weather Watch"  SOLDFolding Wood Screen - 4'x7' Acrylic  Private Collection  "Heathers Paris II"  Private Collection"Pots"  Private Collection"In The Shade"  SOLD"Waiting"  Private Collection"Colorado Creek"  SOLD"Southern Charm"  Donation to Charity- Florida Boxer Rescue"Fun In Fiji"   SOLD"Cozy Cottage"  SOLD"Gardenias"  SOLD""From the Garden"   SOLD"Georgia on My Mind" Private Collection"Grandmas Garden"  SOLD"A Day In The Carribbean" SOLD"Italy"  SOLD"On Boca Grande"  SOLD"On a Clear Day" SOLD"Waiting For You" SOLD "Sunrise Over The Mountains"  SOLD"Big Sky Florida VI"  SOLD
"Down In The Bayou"  SOLDSOLD Commissioned"Fast Friday #3" SOLD"Gazing" SOLD


Phone: (239) 283-6359
      Welcome to my Gallery – I will periodically update the Gallery and hope you will check back to view my latest.  I am painting and selling more now than ever.  I frequently get asked where my ideas come from - I have a variety of resources from photos I take, or a composition I make using elements from several photos, or a memory I may have of a subject or just my imagination gone wild!  My cousin is a photographer and I often use her photos for reference material or actual paintings (see "Anyone for Lunch" and "Matlacha Mail" in the Gallery).  You can check her website at 

I am very happy to continue my relationship with the Island Visions Gallery in Matlacha, FL., and Timeless Gallery in Ft. Myers, Florida.  I hope you get a chance sometime to visit them. 

I love doing my paintings and hope that you enjoy them.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at - I'd love to hear from you.  
Presenting "Georgia on My Mind".  What fun it was to do this painting for special friends Emilie and Andy Barnette.
I participated in two shows so far this year - In January at the Cape Coral Art League (CCAL) Show and in February at the Pine Island Art Association (PIAA) Show.  They both had great attendance and it was wonderful to talk "painting" with people.    

ISLAND VISIONS -  an eclectic gallery of Arts and Curiosities
4643 Pine Island Rd., NW - Matlacha, FL

2218 First Street, Ft. Myers, FL
This time of year I continue to paint as much as I can to build up my Inventory.  As I finish paintings they will be put on my GALLERY page.   Paintings are always available from me directly or through the ISLAND VISIONS GALLERY or TIMELESS.  If the painting you desire is at either of the Galleries – the price will be the same through me or through the Galleries.   
"Feathered Friends"  Oil on Canvas  16" x 20"  $425NEW "The Crooked Fence"  12" x 16" Oil  on Canvas  $175 NEW "Fast Friday #40" 8" x 8" Acrylic/pen & ink $60NEW "Fast Friday #41" 8" x 8" Acrylic/pen & ink $60NEW "Fast Friday #42" 8" x 8" Acrylic/pen & ink $60NEW "Fast Friday #43" 8" x 8" Acrylic/pen & ink $60"Big Sky Florida XV" Oil on canvas 14" x 18" $225"Looking for Someone" Oil on canvas 16" x 20" $250NEW "Big Sky Florida V" 14" x 18" Oil on Canvas $225 "Everglades Afternoon" Oil & Pen & Ink on canvas board 8" x 10" $175"Pretty in Pink" Oil on canvas board 5" x 7" $70"Storm Coming" Oil on canvas board 8" x 10" $195NEW "Big Sky Florida XIV" 12" x 16" Oil on Canvas $295 NEW "Big Sky Florida XI" 11" x 14" Acrylic on Canvas $225NEW "Meeting Friends" 12" x 24" Oil on Canvas $275 NEW "Fast Friday #35" 8" x 8" Acrylic/pen & ink $60NEW "Fast Friday #28" Acrylic/pen & ink 8" x 8" $60 NEW "Fast Friday #29" Acrylic/pen & ink 8" x 8" $60 NEW "Fast Friday #19" Acrylic/pen & ink 8" x 8" $60 NEW "Fast Friday #20" Acrylic 8" x 8" $60 NEW "Fast Friday #25" Oil  8" x 8" $60 NEW "Fast Friday #27" Acrylic/pen & ink 8" x 8" $60NEW "Fast Friday #21" 8"x 8" acrylic/pen & ink $60 NEW "Fast Friday #22"  8"x8" acrylic/pen & ink $60 NEW "Grassy Point"    12" x 24" Oil on Canvas $275 NEW "Water Lily"  16" x 20 Oil on Canvas $300  NEW "Island Living"  12" x 16" Oil on Canvas $135  NEW "Fast Friday #10 "Everglades" 8" x 8" Oil Canvas  $60 

NEW "Bamboo Beach" 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas  $475NEW "Came For A Rest" 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas $250 "End of Road" Oil 11" x 14" for $100NEW "Fast Friday #5" Oil 8" x 8" $50 "Morning Light"  OIL 16 x 20   $150  "Rose Repose II"  14 x 18 Acrylic    $140  "Rose Repose I"  14 x 18 Acrylic  $140